Wednesday, May 22, 2013


"I BEEZ IN THIS TRAP" is now released!!!!!
We're almost at 300 views! YAY! The people are responding to it very well and I'm so excited! Thank you to everyone who viewed it and loved it, it really means so much to me! This has been such a trying process; I've been working on this project since September 2012.

THE IDEA: I was home thinking of something to write, I had just broken up with my ex and my other projects were way too expensive to produce, so I thought whats a inexpensive project I can do by myself? I had just finished watching a spoof video of "Black and Jewish" by James Davis and thought it was funny. I'm like "Yo, I can do something like that!" So I sat there thinking what artist can I spoof...and I thought of Nicki Minaj. She's popular and very funny to do a parody of, I thought of her song "Beez In The Trap" was pretty popular so I chose that song. I went to Youtube found an instrumental and began writing the song. I thought it was so catchy and funny, I recorded it on Garageband. (Maybe I might release it hehe). I said to myself this is a hit right here, so I sent it to a couple of people and they liked my version.

NEXT STEP: So I decided to start a fundraiser campaign in order to shoot the video; my goal was $1500 and I raised $25. LMAO! BIG FAIL! I said fuck what am I gonna do now? I needed extra money for this project and I slowed down working on set in order to focus on this. So I decided to get a job at a retail department (fucking awful) to save up money. I was starting to feel defeated and started considering another project I could do instead. I didn't think I would be able to pull it off and I was frustrated and annoyed. Months went by and nothing was happening; I began to think no one would be interested in seeing it anymore. But I said to myself I can't give up, I need to stick with my faith and know that GOD will have my back.
So, a friend of mine Dejon aka Sinatra the Stylist, go and check out his website , recommended a producer/engineer to me and I recorded the song. Remind you that was my first time recording a song EVER; had a blast!

Then I had a casting call for 2Chainz; one guy stood out, Steve Turner, he was hilarious and quirky so I chose him. Now, it was time to get the crew together. I didn't have a director, makeup or wardrobe person...NOTHING! I decided to ask a good friend of mine, Chris, to help direct it. Then decided I would handle makeup/wardrobe myself. I was stressed out and just wanted to get this project going and I didn't want to give up.

FINAL STEP: After I was able to save up enough money, I found a great rental space online and booked it! Started my paperwork with SAG-AFTRA to get the project Union, it was accepted and now I am waiting for everything to go through. I quit my job two days before the shoot. The day of the shoot everyone showed up to set, ready to work  and let me tell you we had SO MUCH FUN and it shows in our work. I'm writing this because I want you all to see what I had to go through and I still kept my faith! This was really hard and the pilot all together is going to be even harder but you make sacrifices and you pray that GOD will guide you and take care of it.

DON'T give up on your dreams, aspirations, projects! NEVER give up, when plan A fails figure out what went wrong and try a different approach. I hope this has been helpful.


There are still photos from the shoot on my Facebook page here: I Beez In This Trap Photos and check out outtakes from the shoot here: I Beez In This Trap Bloopers . That's it guys, thank you for checking back with me and stay tuned for "The S.A.S.I Show"!

XOXO Keila

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