Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Daaahling Diamond Debonair they call Liz Taylor

Pure white angels have opened the pearly white gates for thee Ms. Taylor. Accompanied with sparkling champagne in white diamond encrusted glasses. Lucky gal. The incredibly gorgeous actress has laid her pretty black mane to rest, eternally. She started as a child actress and made the smooth transition to adult films. Even though her beauty overpowered her acting chops, her private (but very public) life was a tabloid sensation. With multiple marriages and affairs on her resume she was able to shake her tarnished image. Her greatest business venture, White Diamonds and a unforeseen friendship with the King of Pop. As far as her talent, I enjoyed her in A Place In The Sun and thought she was brilliant in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof! Thanks for the fabolousness Liz, sashay to the sky MJ is awaiting your arrival! RIP

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The westcoast is a little gloomy this week. But the world recognizes him as the go to guy for a hard hook. Although, his solo efforts weren't a huge hit you can always count on Mr.Nate to kill a hook, always. If you're not familiar with his work I suggest you familiarize yourself! Where the hell you been?! He always had a very calm, cool, mellow demeanor and his voice matched just that! Personally, my favorite song is "Nobody Does It Better." Just had a smooth sound to it. Well, Nate you never disappointed me and I will continue to cherish your legacy. Save us a spot in doggy heaven, it ain't no fun if the catch my drift. RIP

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Reality" TV

It's not a secret that reality is overtaking the entertainment media and that the "stars" are being made into overnight celebrities. My problem is studio executives are putting their effort into creating more trashy tv instead of creating sitcoms with great writing, acting! Since when is reality actually real anyway? They're obviously scripted to create drama the viewers seek or the stars put on an "act" in order to receive more screen time in hopes of being famous. People rather see someone being a buffoon because it makes them feel better about themselves. Instead of watching a great show with REAL celebrities with REAL talent, can't compete with that. Moral of the story? Support the arts! XOXO Keila

Friday, March 11, 2011


The disaster in Japan is heartbreaking. The images are shocking and frightening. Life is short people so take a moment and enjoy the things you have now. We complain and yes situations can be better but we are here! Living, breathing, somehow surviving. Let's be grateful and put negativity aside and really enjoy our moments. They can be gone tomorrow. Please donate if you can and continue to pray for the victims. XOXO, Keila

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yelloooooo! And I'm Back in this bih! Sorry, let me put my professional face back on lol! Ok, so I currently do backgroud/extra work for TV and Film. I was on Parenthood as a dancer and was upgraded to principal or day performer rate. The episode aired last week; However, most of the dancers including me were edited out. Practically, the majority of the scene was cut down. So I didn't receive screen credit which means I do not get residuals :(. But I can use the credit for my resume! Regardless, it felt great that I got my first credit on my own! I joined AFTRA on my own and I will be eligible to join SAG! Now I'm going to shop around for a new agent which shouldn't be hard given the accomplishments that I was able to get myself. Well, I just wanted to share this success with you guys! XOXO Keila!

UPDATE: Even though I was edited out of the scene, by the grace of GOD I am able to receive residuals. Crazy, but I am grateful. 


Hey guys, I'm finally putting together my blog so bear with me! First, thank you for taking the time to view my page. The sole purpose of my blog is to let you guys know what current or future projects I'm involved in and to let loose! My name is Keila Hamilton and the arts is my life! Been in love with this industry since I was four. I knew what I wanted to do and I'm pursuing just that! Born and raised in L.A. the city of Angels! What have I done? Well I was a professional dancer for the Florida Marlins Mermaids for two years! I've studied Theater and Dance in college as well training outside of school. I started doing theater and now I am pursuing TV and Film. I am an AFTRA member and I will be SAG eligible in May '11. It's a lengthy process but I love what I do so I can't complain! Well, that's all as far as my background goes but stay tuned! xoxo Keila!