Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Daaahling Diamond Debonair they call Liz Taylor

Pure white angels have opened the pearly white gates for thee Ms. Taylor. Accompanied with sparkling champagne in white diamond encrusted glasses. Lucky gal. The incredibly gorgeous actress has laid her pretty black mane to rest, eternally. She started as a child actress and made the smooth transition to adult films. Even though her beauty overpowered her acting chops, her private (but very public) life was a tabloid sensation. With multiple marriages and affairs on her resume she was able to shake her tarnished image. Her greatest business venture, White Diamonds and a unforeseen friendship with the King of Pop. As far as her talent, I enjoyed her in A Place In The Sun and thought she was brilliant in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof! Thanks for the fabolousness Liz, sashay to the sky MJ is awaiting your arrival! RIP

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