Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yelloooooo! And I'm Back in this bih! Sorry, let me put my professional face back on lol! Ok, so I currently do backgroud/extra work for TV and Film. I was on Parenthood as a dancer and was upgraded to principal or day performer rate. The episode aired last week; However, most of the dancers including me were edited out. Practically, the majority of the scene was cut down. So I didn't receive screen credit which means I do not get residuals :(. But I can use the credit for my resume! Regardless, it felt great that I got my first credit on my own! I joined AFTRA on my own and I will be eligible to join SAG! Now I'm going to shop around for a new agent which shouldn't be hard given the accomplishments that I was able to get myself. Well, I just wanted to share this success with you guys! XOXO Keila!

UPDATE: Even though I was edited out of the scene, by the grace of GOD I am able to receive residuals. Crazy, but I am grateful. 

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