Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That Poignant MOMENT in Your Life

Hey guys, I have some incredible things to share with you all which I hope you can find beneficial and inspiring. A few months ago I auditioned for an up and coming tv show called "Wassup En La" and I was able to score a callback. Yesterday, I was caught off guard with an email stating I made the SECOND round of callbacks, it is narrowed down to three, including me!! That same day I bumped into a friend I'd worked with on a previous set. He referred me to his manager who I contacted and I feel really good about him, so we shall see what happens.

These past two weeks have been so inspiring to me as a person, and my faith in GOD. Crucial to the life making decisions in my personal and business affairs. I will explain this significant journey I have experienced. I've been on a quest to find a vocal coach and I finally found one! We clicked and she seen something in me that compelled her to help me. Not only is she a wonderful, God-fearing woman but an AMAZING vocal coach. I've already had my third session and can already feel and hear a difference. She is also in the midst of rebuilding her hometown Flint, Michigan. Giving hope to the children, families and the city itself. This re-ignited my passion of creating my non-profit organization for under privileged children in urban areas. A good friend of mine, Jordan Swain, has a non-profit organization with the same mission I want to put out. I feel as though God is telling me to stop putting it on the backburner and DO IT! So, with that said I will be brainstorming my ideal NPO. Now, that brings me to an incredible individual that I was introduced to Byron Nelson, Independent Representative of ACN . This man was so incredibly bright with a crystal clear vision, and a strong faith in God. He has achieved mega success personally and financially. He inspired me to start looking at things in a business perspective as far as my goals and anything in my life that I need to accomplish. I truly believe it was purposefully meant for me to encounter these two individuals right now in this particular point in my life. While I am a work in progress, I feel confident of a relationship with the two. They say the top five people you have in your circle is a mirror of you. That definitely made me ponder about myself as it should for you. I felt compelled to share this amazing experience with you all. Where this journey takes me is exciting and scary but I believe things take a turn for the BEST! XoXo Keila

UPDATE: I am no longer seeing the vocal coach and I have put my NPO on hold for now. When I am able to receive the right resources and time the NPO will come to life. No doubt about it.

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