Friday, June 17, 2011

.....And Back From Vacation

I wish! Hello, everyone who continuously checks my blog sun down to sun up, *giggles*. Seriously, Its been a while since I last blog and trust its been a busy month! So, I'm back and want to catch up with what's been going on with me! First, regarding the up and coming comedy pilot "Wassup En LA" they're in the stages of  production, meaning completing writing material, studio location...the business side of things! They're still casting for the rest of the la familia and will be announcing the fifth member this coming Sunday! YAY! Oh, check out and! Second, I finished performing for AFTRA's annual Radio Plays this past week! ARP is a tribute to the Golden Era of Radio, if you're not familiar with that golden age of time, FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF! Our performance was a scene from the classic show, "Father Knows Best," I voiced the role of the teenage daughter Betty. Once I receive a copy I will post a link here. Third, I wrapped up filming for a short film called, "C4B" this week which I played a backup dancer! The choreography was HOT and the short is hilarious! That will be posted on here as well once I receive. Last but not least, there is a potential project that I might be doing which is a play that will be going on a national tour! My joining of the cast is not confirmed yet but will be determined soon. The only thing I can release about this project is that it will be a NEW style of theater! (I said that's the only thing!)
Also, I have not found an agent/manager just yet, this is a very important decision and I want to insure that I have the absolute BEST in my corner. Nonetheless, there has been so much progress and I am estatic about everything so stay tuned guys, it only gets better! XOXO Keila

My cast mates and I from "Aftra Radio Plays: Father Knows Best"

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