Friday, September 23, 2011

Crawled Back to Earth

.... Yeah, it's been awhile! But I promise it's for a good reason! Well, let me update everyone on what's been going on in Hollywoodland! I am currently in the process of submitting to agencies so now we wait to see who responds, lol! KSR contacted me but it was to inform me that they signed someone who looks similiar to me which I can totally understand! However, I was bummed at first but there are other fish in the so corny! But, I still have a few more agencies I want to submit to.
Regarding "Wassup En LA," there are two more characters that we are close to casting! I had the opportunity to come and see some of the potential actors audition, had a blast! There are some exciting things that will be taking place so stay tuned!
As far as the music goes, I have not been able to concentrate on vocal training because of my dedication to my acting career. But I did purchase a beginners guitar! YAY! I will be getting it tuned but I love it and it's what I always wanted to do!
Recently, I participated in an actor's workshop and received great feedback from the casting director! I encourage ALL actors to take Casting Director workshops its a great way for the CD's to see you perform and become familiar with you. One place that I suggest is! It's inexpensive and the CD's are actually CASTING projects!
Also, I JUST finished my website so make sure you check that out! Thanks for checking the blog guys I really appreciate it! XOXO Keila


  1. Trakeila the rockstar, this is Ryan by the way!

  2. Congrats, Keila. Sounds like things are realling looking good for you. Excited that you finally got that guitar too, would love to hear more about it in future posts.