Friday, September 23, 2011

TV Fall Line-Up

It's Fall so that means..... NEW SHOWS, NEW SEASON PREMIERES! First, "New Girl" starring Zooey Deschanel is freaking hilarious! The writing is great; they're not desperate for laughs with punchlines or cliche situations. It's fresh, witty and the chemistry just clicks with the cast! Zooey is hilarious and likeable and I always felt that way about her since "Elf" with Will Ferrell! This is a must see show, love it!
"Up All Night" starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph. Another comedy that will have you laughing out loud. Christina and Will longing for a "cool" lifestyle plays out so well! We are all guilty of wanting to be cooler than we actually are and some of us will go to the extreme to achieve that! But their awkwardness is what makes it funny to laugh at instead of feeling sorry for the ones who are desperate to feel important. I love the chemistry between the two but Maya Rudolph takes the cake! She is DEFINITELY the shining star of the show! Her over the top, GOD like character is ridiculously funny! Because there are stars who actually behave that way it's like she's almost poking fun at her character! Another, must see show!
"Modern Family" was ANOTHER hit again, anyone surprised? Definitely looking forward to the rest of the season especially with Cam and Mitchell's upcoming baby! Congrats on their Emmy's!
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" starring Larry David, opened up the season with Michael J. Fox! I just CAN'T with this guy! LOL, this is the kind of show where you take a camera, a few people and see what adventures and scenarios come up! It's so simple but brilliant! Michael's cameo was great and I love how they incorporated the Parkinson's disease which is ridiculously hilarious! KUDOS, Larry!
"2 Broke Girls" starring Kat Dennings was definitely a miss for me. I felt like they were trying too hard with the jokes and Kat's character lacked that spark. I get that she's the dead-pan, dry humor, no nonsense, tough Brooklyn girl but nothing grabbed your attention to even LOVE that about her. Beth Behrs plays the other lead and she's the rich, pretty girl who is trying to make it on her own but is having a hard time trying to adjust. Again, I couldn't lock in with her character. I feel like this show has potential but it needs to turn around fast!
Well, there are few more shows I need to check out so stay tuned for more! XOXO Keila

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  1. Wow, You can definitely tell that you are an Actress who not only watches television for its entertainment value, but also for studying purposes. Reminded me of an article that a film/ tv critic would write in a magazine. Keep up the good work, Keila.