Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well Hello There!!!!

Hey guys! SO, I just moved to the valley, woo hoo! I am very excited about it because I am closer to the studios and what not so just wanted to let you all know the good news. My birthday just passed this Tuesday and I thank GOD that I can see, love, live, breath, talk another day! So, now I can fill you in on what's really going on lol! I am currently writing a webisode that is based loosely on my high school experiences! I don't want to tell you what the show will be about just yet but I will update you guys very soon! I plan on filming it as a webisode but in hopes of turning it into a television series as well! The up and coming comedy pilot, "Wassup En LA" is coming along great and will have some exciting things taking place very soon so keep checking the site, as well as the FB fan page, I am still in the process of seeking representation its tough but I am optimistic I will find someone who is behind me 100 percent! So, keep checking back guys and I hope everyone continues to live a productive, blessed, and joyful life! XOXO Keila

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