Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's 2012...2011 is officially OVER!!!!

But before we continue on with 2012 let's take a look at 2011, shall we? 2011 was a great year for me with some minor ups and downs; nonetheless it was great professionally and personally. Here's a brief look at my own 2011! Enjoy :)

I traveled to New York City for the first time ever and it was an AMAZING, UNFORGETTABLE experience! I was also able to see one of my biggest musical influences, PRINCE!
I received my FIRST principal role as a dancer on NBC's Parenthood! Although, I was edited out it was my first major credit and I am grateful for the experience. P.S. Don't laugh at my sloppy attempt to black out legal information! I love y'all but I don't know ya like that! :)
MAY 2011
After several months of THREE callbacks, I was finally chosen to play the outgoing, funny character Tawana for the new sitcom comedy, Wassup En LA! It was a warm and sunny day at King Taco...and yes I tore those tacos up!
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JUNE 2011
I participated in the AFTRA Radio Plays at the Wells Fargo Theater located at the Gene Autry National Center. Please if you're ever in the area or just want to check out some cool historic stuff, GO THERE! The AFTRA Radio Plays pays tribute to the golden age of radio. Our segment was from the hit radio and television show, Father Knows Best, I voiced the role of Betty. This was my first voice over project and I had so much fun. Our director, Clyde Sacks, was amazing as well as the cast.

I worked regularly on the hit Disney show, Ant Farm, as a student and cheerleader. I had a great time with the crew and cast; very nice people. My best friend on the show was Wacky the Wolf, we would always get into trouble at school! :)
JULY 2011
There is a special organization called, MOCITI, which stands for Men of Color in the Industry. The ambassador of this great organization is Obba Babatunde who spoke at a master class that I attended. It was a very inspirational workshop not only did I get to perform a scene in front of him but meet him as well. I am honored to hear this talented man's wisdom and story of surviving Hollywood. Check out his work, he's done some great things in his career and is still going on strong!
Obba Babatunde is pictured right, sitting down.

One of the funniest female actresses is no doubt Jane Lynch! So when I was set to work the 2011 Do Something Awards and found out that she was hosting I was excited. She is very sweet, nice and extremely funny. I had a great time working the show and watching her.

I love fashion I believe it is another way of expressing yourself. So I was invited to L.A. Fashion Weekend 2011 and was able to see some great fashion and modeling as well!
My gorgeous friend Elle Drane, she ripped the runway! Check out her work, beautiful!

We approach the holidays and the end of an amazing year but wait there's more! I auditioned for an independent film and was considered for one of the lead roles! As I said before it is a comedy spoof and I am very excited about this project. More information will be given soon!

Well, I had a great time making this post it definitely brought back memories and the realization of the goals that I've accomplished so far. I hope 2011 was inspirational and worthwhile for you ALL and if not make this year YOUR YEAR! Thanks again so much for checking out the blog I hope you enjoyed it. Happy New Year! XOXO Keila.

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