Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big Things Poppin', no T.I!

Hey everyone, hope all is well with ya! I'm overdue for a post plus there are a lot taking place. First, I just relaunched my website, and I love it! So, after reading this please take a look at it and see all the new up dates! Plus, I just launched my website for my production company, 3XEntertainment take a look at that as well!

My new web comedy sketch show, KO.TV is officially launched as well, this is the preview teaser until the first sketch drops so check it out and laugh!

I am also working on a pitch for a short film I wrote that I plan on filming in the summer. This is a very important pitch because I am seeking funding and pushing for it to be turned into a feature film!

Other projects I am working on: I just signed a contract for the indie film I will be shooting in June and I had my first fitting for it, super exciting!

"Wassup En LA" will be filming in the summer, I know a lot of you have been inquiring about it and thank you for your interest! The original scheduled shoot was in April but has been pushed to summer, so it's still going down y'all and I can't wait! Please check out our site, and LIKE us on !

In addition to all of that, I am currently rehearsing for a short film that will be shooting in the summer as well! More details soon but I will be playing a teacher!

It's a lot going on and I'm just trying to keep the creative juices flowing and stay productive! There are other projects that I'm not ready to reveal yet but please keep checking back! I really do appreciate your support it means so much to me and I want to thank all of you for rooting for me. I am humbled. Until next time y'all, XOXO Keila.

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