Saturday, April 21, 2012


So, about two weeks ago I was feeling really stressed and overwhelmed it was so much to do and not enough funding. I know people say hair is not important but I think it symbolizes things taking place in your life meaning making drastic changes to your hair. Well I was so tired of straightening my hair and I continued to damage it by not properly taking care of it. I decided I was done straightening it and I was going to wear it natural. Well my hair had lost some of it's natural curl pattern because I was straightening way too much. So I decided to "man" up lol and cut it off! Since then I haven't felt a single ounce of stress. I feel so renewed and refreshed; I really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It's such a liberating feeling! I just love my hair and I'm really taking the time to care for it so that it can grow back healthier than before (this is my second time cutting my hair). I just think as African American woman we condition ourselves to have that European look i.e straight long weaves, lightening of skin. It's sad that we don't embrace our natural hair. I know plenty of women who would NEVER wear their natural hair out because they are insecure about the appearance. Men scream they want a "natural" woman yet they chase after the girls with the longest weaves, fakest nails, eyes, eyelashes, and unnatural body parts. I'm not trying to bash us I'm just saying take it back to our roots. Don't be afraid to embrace everything that is natural about you, flaws and all! I write this with my best intentions and hope you all feel inspired. Below are my hair pics over the years lol, enjoy. XOXO Keila
This was the longest my hair grew back in 2007. ;( lol
Me after I cut it in 2008. I cut it shorter after this pic.
Me in my process of still growing out my hair to its natural length, 2011.
Me wearing it natural, as you can see the ends are stringy no curls at all, 2012.
Me now after chopping it off! The curls!!!!

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