Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hey y'all, it's been a minute since my last post so I have some updates for y'all!

I have officially launched my fundraiser campaign for "I Beez In This Trap"!!!! I am starting a series of web comedy sketches, similar to In Living Color, MadTV etc., so let's bring variety shows back! Please donate to this project and tell all your friends and relatives to donate as well! Here is the link: DONATE TODAY, TOMORROW!!!

I was recently interviewed by the popular hair blog site Curly Nikki! Mrs. Nikki is so cool for this and I am grateful she gave me the opportunity to tell my story! Check out her site NOW as well as my interview:

I was recently on "Key and Peele" season finale for their second season as the Bikini Girl, check out the hilarious sketch:

So, "Wassup En LA" was shy 15k from our fundraising goal. However, the producers are working on another way to get extra funding for the project. This show is amazing and we will get this project going so continue to have faith and patience! Please stay connected with us at our FB page and LIKE us!

The project "Release" that I've been cast in is also working on a fundraiser campaign so I will keep you all updated on it once it is launched.

You all remember the superhero project I did called "Real Heroes LA," right? Well, our fundraising campaign was not successful so the film's release date will be pushed back to 2014. On a brighter note, we were invited to speak at "Bent-Con 2012" and it was a great turnout! The audience were receptive to the webisodes of my amazing sidekicks! Check them out here:

Thank you all for tuning in, keep checking back for more updates! Happy Holidays everyone, XOXO Keila!

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