Thursday, December 13, 2012


I love Fashion, it is a great way to express yourself and create. BUT, I am very disappointed in the trends that became popular this Fall/Winter. The industry has ABUSED the Cross symbol by making it "fashionable" and DISRESPECTING it by associating it with Skulls. The Cross is OUR, and by our I mean us Christians, way of remembering that Jesus died for our sins. It is positive, it gives us hope, it shows GOD's love for us by allowing his son to die to save us from our sins. It is not a trend or a fad it is a way of life! Then to associate it with skulls which represents death, darkness is Blasphemy in my opinion! I have also witnessed clothes with the cross and UPSIDE down cross. The upside down cross is the sign of the DEVIL, do NOT be fooled! They are promoting evil right now, if you didn't believe that we are in the end of times the proof is in the pudding! I just had to acknowledge what is going on and I hope you all do not fall victim of this evil doing. Moving along...


It's cold, it's raining so pull out those sweaters girls! I've been noticing the sequin sweaters and I love them! I just purchased two and have gotten many compliments.

First up, is Nordstroms Tasha Topper in Gold:
I just purchased this and can't wait to wear it! These will pair great with a pair of leggings or skinnies. Cute flats, pumps, or combat boots if you want to spice it up! I'm thinking of wearing my Joe Jeans black jeggings with my gold studded Steve Madden boots and my gold/black shimmer headband. I'll take pics and update on this page.

Next up, is the Chole K sequin sweater in Burgundy:
I love and have this! I adore plums, burgundies and maroons it really compliments dark skinned ladies like myself ;p! I wear black jeggings with this or my burgundy pants. You can dress this up or down and I love the pocket detail.

Check this sequin dress out by Stella McCartney: 

AND this daring sequin sweater by TopShop:
Talk about hitting gold! This will definitely turn heads! No need to over accessorize with this one because it is the accessory. A simple bracelet or earrings will do. Leggings or a long skirt and Flats or pumps!

Ladies stock up on your sequin sweater and take advantage of the cold weather! Stay warm and cute! XOXO Keila

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