Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sooo, I recently purchased some products from and I purchased the Organic Aloe and Green Tea Facial Toner and Australian Olive Green Facial Masque.

Review: The Facial Toner is AWESOME! It really helps when I have breakouts, I just apply the toner all over morning and night and my pimples start to go down the next morning. I'm washing my face with African Black Soap and moisturizing with Organic Unrefined African Shea Butter from Butters N Bars. My blemishes are starting to clear up as well. Next purchase will be their Raw African Black Soap, I love this site!

The Facial Masque works great as well but my skin feels very dry, sometimes a little irritated when rinsing it off. I think maybe the Australian Pastel Pink Masque may suit me better because I have very sensitive skin. Nonetheless, the Olive Green Masque is great but if you have very sensitive skin like I do I suggest trying the Pastel Pink Masque.
*SURPRISE* When checking out your items put in the coupon code: STRAWBERRICURLS for a 10 percent off!


So I won the Naturally Curly Grow-Out Challenge sponsored by Shea Moisture for the month of September!!!! WOO HOO!  I won the Shea Moisture Repair and Transition Kit, I am awaiting my package and will update you all on the products!


My hair is growing like crazy and I am happy but no so happy with the tangles and knots! My hair has been feeling a little dry, most likely from the weather, and the not so fun tangles are annoying! I have to admit I have not been taking care of my hair like I should be. I need a much needed DT of just plain ol Trader Joe's Raw Honey. I def might need a strengthening treatment and I think I'll use the products I won from Naturally Curly.

I hope all of you are doing better than me in the moisture department and keeping those tresses healthy! Happy Holidays y'all! XOXO Keila

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